Chakras In A Nutshell… Did You Know Jazz Music Can Help Balance Your 2nd Chakra?

While the chakras haven't been a huge part of my yogic journey so far, any time I do delve deeper into them through meditation or focused practice, I am grateful I did.

I think one thing that has stopped me from learning more about the chakras is that they can feel complicated. One thing I love about my yoga practice is that it's a place where I get to quiet and free my mind, so I have to admit that I've been kind of lazy about the parts of the practice that require real thinking (this is kind of an across the board lesson I'm learning about myself in life 😉 ).

Anyway, I was thrilled to come across a simply laid out description of each of the chakras in an article by yoga teacher Michelle Margaret Fajkus on Elephant Journal.

In the article she shares the basics of the chakras, issues that impact each chakra, problems associated with each chakra, healing techniques and more.

Click the link below to learn about these awesome energy centers:

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