How To Get Them Kick-As(ana) Abs

Kick Asana Abs

On one level, it feels almost embarrassing that I've been a dancer and then a yogi all of my life and I'm just now starting to learn to find and understand how my core muscles work.

On another level, it's so crazy exciting I almost can't contain myself.

Since childhood, I didn't like going to places like museums or concerts… Not because I wasn't interested… Simply because I was so uncomfortable standing up.

So, after three pregnancies, being officially diagnosed as “hyper-mobile” and having so much tension in my muscles that it started giving me migraine headaches, my body is forcing me to find those darned core muscles.

Luckily, now that I'm ready, my beloved yoga is still there and ready to teach me what I was blind to before in terms of accessing my core muscles.

No surprise, with a little more awareness and understanding, the yoga postures that I've been practicing all along are the key to finding my strength. And, wow, do they work.

Click the link below for some of the best yoga poses for developing some seriously kick as(ana) abs:

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