Manduka Apparel Is Here!

Woman on beach wearing Manduka apparel

Since its inception in 1997, Manduka has become a driving force in the yoga industry and has developed a loyal Shop Yoga Apparel at Manduka.comfollowing. People love their yoga mats, not to mention their yogitoes towels, bags, footwear, wool blankets, bolsters, water bottles, etc, etc – I mean, what don't they make?

Oh, that's right – they don't make yoga apparel.

Or at least they didn't… until now!

Apparently, enough passionate yogis spoke up and Manduka listened leading to the creation of their own line of yoga wear.

But they didn't do so without considering if they could really add something to the world of yoga apparel. They shared the following in their recent press release:

“Before we sketched our first design, we asked ourselves, does the world need another line of activewear? The short answer was yes,” said Sky Meltzer, CEO of Manduka. “Yoga practitioners need apparel that is very specific, and technically crafted for the practice, which includes inversions and a broad range of motion. They need a line that is made for yoga – offering less distraction on the mat and more focus on the powerful results that come with a good practice.”

Cool right? I know I'm excited to check it out!

Want to see it in action? Here's the intro video to their new line:

They do, of course have a women's line as well as a men's line. Head on over to check it all out and let us know what you think!


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