Getting Down-ward Dog With Michael Franti

I have just become a major Michael Franti fan.

Until now I knew of him, and I'm pretty sure I've heard some of his music. But I can't really say I had any idea of what he's about..

After watching this 5 minute video, however, I'd go to one of his concerts in a minute, especially if it was preceded by a stadium sized yoga class accompanied by his live music beforehand like the one at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in this video (aka Yoga on the Rocks).

Franti started his formal yoga practice the day after 9/11 but, in reality, he seems like a natural yogi who's bringing masses of positivity into our world.

I absolutely love the line he closes the video on:

Be your best, serve the greater good, and rock out wherever you are. Namaste.

Click the link below for 5 minutes of yogic inspiration:

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