Yoga Playlists 101

Yoga Playlists 101

I vividly remember the first time I ever heard a Deva Premal song during savasana in a class at Jivamukti.

It had this ethereal feeling to it that helped me experience an entirely new kind of joy. That album became virtually the only album I listened to for months on end and, years later, I also played that same album during my entire 1st trimester as well as during the entire labor of my first daughter's birth.

Until then I hadn't fully realized the extraordinary impact music can have on our moods and attitudes throughout our lives (as well as our yoga classes).

When you add a well thought out music playlist to a well thought out yoga class, the result can be magical.

So, how do you create a yoga playlist that can have this magical kind of impact and that honors everyone's different spaces throughout a class?

Click the link below for some fantastic tips from Vinyasa yoga instructor Clara Roberts-Oss:

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